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Rock Rose Tea

Rock Rose Tea - Winter isn't over yet, cough and cold are still around the corner.

Rock Roses are typical mediterranean plants, the grow wild througout the whole Algarve. Our Rock Rose herbs are from wild harvesting in certified areas. In spring we collect the fresh shoots, dry and process them by hand.

Rock Rose is an aromatic herbal infusion. In naturopathy it is used with common colds, sore mouth and throats, digestive problems and can help to strengthen the immune system. Recent studies have shown the effectivity of Rock Rose extracts with common cold. The herb can help to divert heavy metals out of the body, externally used it can help treating skin problems.

If you find the tea too strong or bitter, just blend it with some Lemon Verbena leaves or add some Rosmaninho honey.

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Essential Oils and Floral Waters

Our 100% natural Essential Oils are from certified organic farming in the Algarve / Portugal or certified wild collection. The Essential Oils are distilled in a traditional way in a copper alembique.

Floral Waters, also called Hydrosols, are an result of the destillation process of the essential oils. The Floral Waters are bottled during the destillation.


Organic Herbs

Our organic herbs are produced on our own fields and are carefully dried and processed.